The Digital Leak Tester

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 Designed and manufactured by the same maker as the popular
 LED leak lights. David Nicoletti LLC

digital leak tester

Used for leak detection in the musical instrument repair industry.
This digital leak tester was developed to display a corresponding reading that is in-line with the Magnehelic® type leak testers being used in this same industry.

Best used on clarinets, flutes, piccolos, oboes, saxophone neck tenon/socket, brass tuning slides on french horns, euphoniums/baritones, tubas and trombones.

• Compact size
• Rapid response
• Digital LED numeric display
• Compatible with standard plugs and adapters
• Built-in fixed flow control - no adjustment necessary
• Highly sensitive electronic differential pressure sensor
• Less expensive than industry standard magnehelic-type testers

A user who is familiar with a Magnehelic® type leak testers would feel comfortable using this digital leak tester in the same manner as far as how the reading correlates to a given leak. During development, simulated precision leaks were used to align the reading of this tester with the Magnehelic® tester.
Click here to see a table of how the displayed reading correlates to a given leak.

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